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Freight Rates Close to Pre-Pandemic Levels

Normally we provide updates for freight rates monthly, however, we bring news that is too good not to share. The freight rates are closely approaching the numbers they were before the pandemic began (pre-pandemic), and for reefers have already passed the point.

The Graphs

The rates for all three forms of freight (dry van, flatbed, and reefer) are getting very close to the rates they were in February, the last month to not be affected by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. February has historically been the lowest month of the year in terms of freight rates, so by June standards the current freight rates leave a little to be desired, but the consistent upward trend is something to celebrate.

Dry Van


Is this upward trend of increasing freight rates a sign of economic recovery, or is it too soon to start celebrating? Comment below and let us know what you think about this turn of events for the trucking industry.

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