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International Roadcheck Delayed Over Coronavirus Fears

It seems as though the coronavirus is undoing all of the reporting we did at the beginning of 2020. We wrote in early February that the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) was going to have its annual International Roadcheck event in May, but the event has been postponed until further notice. What is the culprit behind this radical, first-time-in-32-years change? Novel coronavirus.

No Slowing Down

The FMCSA wants as many trucks operating on the road delivering much-needed supplies as possible. So much so that they have suspended some Hours of Service regulations nationwide for the first time in history. The CVSA does not want to impede delivery in this time of need.

“International Roadcheck has run on-schedule for the past 32 years so its postponement was thoroughly and thoughtfully discussed before we made this decision, but it wasn’t a difficult decision to make,” said Sgt. Samis, President of the CVSA. “This experience is unprecedented in our modern society and we need to do all that we can to help stop the spread of this global pandemic.”

At TopMark Funding we wrote how you could skip the event altogether by not driving from May 5-7th, but now you do not have to worry at all.

Safety is King

Of course, just because the International Roadcheck has been postponed does not mean your big rig(s) should avoid proper maintenance. If anything, they need to be properly maintained more than ever as the manufacturers of new heavy-duty trucks are holding off production because of the pandemic. If your million-mile truck breaks down during these trying times, simply replacing it is no longer an easy solution.

“Safety doesn’t take a break,” said Sgt. Samis. “It is always our top priority.”


Coronavirus hysteria is sweeping the nation, and commercial drivers are the nation’s first line of defense in maintaining social distancing as people demand hand sanitizer and toilet paper. As a truck driver working in these desperate times, it is important to not only keep your own health in check, but that of your vehicle. Keep up with safety inspections, and always remember to wear gloves when handling a diesel pump!

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