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Love’s Requires Face Masks

Operating about 520 locations in 41 states, Love’s Travel Stops (the company) will require customers to wear face masks at all of its businesses. This includes Love’s Travel Stops, Love’s Truck Care, Love’s-owned hotels, and Speedco locations.

The culprit behind this decision is none other than our beloved friend the Coronavirus.

COVID-19 Woes

Fighting a pandemic is a 24/7 job, as truckers are no doubt aware by now. There have been some benefits to truckers, such as the suspension of hours-of-service regulations when delivering specific goods and materials, but as the fight against the virus continues, some states have required businesses to enforce strict safety guidelines regarding social distancing and face masks. Instead of having different rules on a state by state basis, Love’s decided to simplify the system and proactively require face masks in all locations, regardless of state.

“We are joining other retailers by implementing a face covering policy for customers, and will continue to follow the guidance of health officials and adjust our practices to help keep our customers and team members safe,” said Shane Wharton, president of Love’s. “We want to thank our customers who continue to adapt to these protective measures implemented at Love’s.”

If you do not have a face mask at the time of entry into Love’s, they are willing to sell one to you before you browse the rest of the facility.

If you want to learn more, you can read all about it at Love’s new update telling the story.


Implementing this policy so late in the pandemic, it appears as though Love’s Travel Stops were trying their best to ride through the pandemic, but state governors forced their hand.

With the coronavirus in full swing, it is only a matter of time before the hysteria dies down and things become back to normal. Like we have always said at TopMark Funding, keep your head up high, and remember to wear gloves at the diesel pump!

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