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PACCAR Parts Sells Universal Electric Charging Station

One problem facing electric vehicles is different plugs and outlets for charging depending on the vehicle. PACCAR Parts wants to alleviate this problem for drivers, even if they are not direct customers of PACCAR brands such as Kenworth and Peterbilt.

Universal Charging

Whether you have started making the transition to electric commercial vehicles or plan to do so one day, chances are your fleet will be a mix of numerous types of brands. PACCAR hopes that even if you are a full Tesla Semi customer when the truck eventually releases, you will still use their chargers at your base of operations.

Currently, the Universal Charging Station (not the official name) comes in four different levels:

  1. 20 kW. It actually charges at 22.5 kW, but PACCAR rounded the number down for marketing purposes. It is a compact wallbox that charges slowly and is best for fleets with a mix of diesel and electric trucks, have little space at their base of operations, do short-range trips for delivery, or can be purchased in multiples to constantly charge numerous trucks slowly while others are in use.
  2. 50 kW. A full, slim booth that charges the amount marketed in its title. It is mostly intended for use with small fleets with a 100% electric vehicle usage rate. PACCAR says it also comes with auxiliary features such as remote monitoring, diagnostics, and usage statistics that would not come with the 20kW model.
  3. Charge Max 180. Bulkier than the 50 kW, the Charge Max 180 charges at the rate you would expect at 180 kW. PACCAR advertises it as able to fully charge a vehicle in less than four hours, meaning one running at full capacity can charge a little more than two trucks before the first truck needs a recharge, assuming that the first truck was driving the entire time.
  • Power Choice 350 HC. At roughly twice the size of the Charge Max 180, the Power Choice 350 HC has the ability to not just charge one vehicle at 350 kW, but can also do two vehicles at 175 kW each. This charge rate is under peak conditions, otherwise the rate is 320 kW. Fleets with numerous electric trucks on the road would benefit the most from constantly using this charging station type.

All chargers, no matter the size, come with a two-year warranty, an RFID reader, and a cellular connection, as well as a two-year service agreement.


Whether you are an owner-operator who wants to charge his single electric unit over the weekend, or are the head of a fleet managing 20 different electric trucks, PACCAR has differing levels of Universal Charging Stations that can help you leverage the growing technology of electric vehicles. Contact your PACCAR dealer for more information.

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