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Freight Rates Exceed Pre-Pandemic Levels

We wrote about this before, how trucking levels were on the brink of being above the price per mile before the pandemic hit. Now we can finally bust out that champagne: we are now above February’s rates!

Above and Beyond

Now at this point you are probably thinking this is hardly a cause for celebration; February is usually the lowest rate of the year, and the trucking industry has only exceeded this low bar now?

The real cause for celebration is that the pre-pandemic rate was not just exceeded, it was shattered. Based on DAT’s predictions for July so far:

  • Dry van is at $2.05, a 24 cent increase from June.
  • Flatbed is at $2.16, a 9 cent increase.
  • Reefer is at $2.33, an 18 cent increase, and the highest point in the last twelve months.


There is so much evidence mounting up to the pandemic ending that it is unbelievable. Deaths per day are almost always below the average, trucking rates are going up, and businesses are expanding. The pandemic will be over soon, and we can hardly wait.

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