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September 2020: Freight Rates Are Up Yet Again

There seems to be no stopping the trucking industry. For yet another consecutive month, the freight rates for all three primary forms of shipment (dry van, flatbed, and reefer) have increased yet again.

Part of the blame can be shifted to the crash in rates that happened in the spring of this year, but using that as an explanation month after month is starting to become tiresome. All three forms of freight have the highest number for September in recent memory! Note that our graph down below for Flatbed shows a higher point for September 2018, but this number was not found via record but instead an average of months surrounding it, including August 2018’s $2.66 per mile.
Although October is in its infancy, DAT predicts the rate will drop in October for dry van and reefer. Even if it does, it will be hard pressed to be below October 2019.

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