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Truck Freight Tonnage Rises in 2022

A new report from the American Trucking Association found that in 2022, big rigs moved more than 11.4 billion tons of freight. Generating more than $940 billion, an increase in tonnage as well as revenue. 

“While 2022 was a challenging year for trucking in many respects, the industry still posted growth in revenue, tonnage, employment and several other measures,” said ATA Chief Economist Bob Costello. “In addition, by share of freight revenue and tonnage, trucking remained by far the dominant mode of transportation in the country.”

In 2021, truck freight tonnage capped out at 10.93 billion tons, 530 million tons less than 2022.

The trucking freight industry was the largest benefactor of the nation’s freight bill. In total the study found that the industry collected 80.7% of the nation’s freight bill. This high percentage results in $940.8 billion in revenue.

Even employment rates saw an increase from the previous year. The trucking study found that by 2022, the trucking industry employed 8.4 million people, 405,000 more than in 2021. 

Additionally, the study shows 3.54 million truck drivers were employed in 2022.

Women in trucking have also had another strong year. Women made up roughly 8.1% of the truck driver workforce. This is an all-time high as well as the seventh annual increase.

The study also collected data on the racial and ethnic background of drivers. ATA found that 18.3% of drivers identify as Black, 4% identity as Asian, and 23.3% identify as Hispanic or Latino.

In total, the trucking industry is still operating mostly as small businesses, 95.8% of fleet owners own 10 or less trucks, and 99.7% of fleets operate with 100 or less trucks.

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