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Border Patrol Finds 6.5 Tons of Marijuana in Truck

With all of the bad news that has been going around in society this year such as COVID-19, civil unrest, and election business, we thought this story would brighten up your day.

A trucker was found to be illegally smuggling marijuana in his tractor-trailer when coming up north from Mexico by the way of the World Trade Bridge. He had hidden almost 14,000 pounds of the controlled substance in the trailer attached to his vehicle. How did he hide such a large amount of contraband in his truck? The answer is that what he was otherwise hauling were containers, but not a type of object you would think as one. He hid the secret cargo inside of toilets.

The Details

On October 2nd, the trucker was heading from Mexico into Laredo, Texas, by way of the World Trade Bridge. Customs and Border Protection stopped his truck, and referred it to a canine and imaging system inspection. Either the dog smelled the drugs or the imaging system found the stash, totaling to 1,017 bags weighing about 13.5 pounds each. Considering the sheer amount of marijuana, chances are the bags were stored in both the bowl and the tank.

Officers estimate the value of the stash to be approximately $2.75 million.

While many states are legalizing recreational marijuana use across the country, marijuana is still a Schedule I drug on the federal level, and international commerce is very much a federal matter.

Sadly, as it is a federal crime that the unnamed truck driver committed, chances are he will be going to jail for a while.


“…CBP officers at World Trade Bridge seek to facilitate lawful commerce in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic” comments Andrew Douglas, acting port director for the American side of the World Trade Bridge.

Sometimes trucking may not seem like a profitable enough job and truckers may feel the need to “break bad” in order to make extra money, but the payoff is often not worth the risk. Even if this trucker succeeded, chances are he was only the delivery driver for the marijuana and would not have made $2.75 million on the deal.

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