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CVSA International Roadcheck Begins September 9th

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, normally having their International Roadcheck in June, scheduled it this year for May 5th to 7th. Later, it was postponed until further notice as a result of a certain worldwide pandemic. Now, the CVSA has decided that the pandemic has cooled down enough where having the event to improve safety on the road is justified.

Safety Continues Being King

Announcing the postponement back in late March, the president of the CVSA Sergeant John Samis said that “safety doesn’t take a break.” He stands by the statement in deciding to host the International Roadcheck again.

“Although the coronavirus pandemic, understandably, shifted priorities and personnel during the spring, the commercial motor vehicle law enforcement community has reasserted its focus on the roadside inspection program and enforcement duties,” said CVSA president John Samis.

The decision to host the International Roadcheck this year comes off the heels of the success of Operation Safe Driver Week, which went off without a hitch despite happening earlier in the pandemic. It looks like the event will happen after all, and occurs from September 9th to the 11th.

International Roadcheck 2020

During last year’s event, the CVSA inspected at the rate of 17 vehicles per minute for a total of 73,440 inspections. Whether this number will be higher due to the current trucking boom or lower because of the pandemic is yet to be seen.

Every year the event has a special focus that it emphasizes beyond others. This year is still to be a driver inspection. While the safety inspectors will check different parts of the vehicle for safety violations, they will also be testing the driver for things such as:

  • Licensing
  • Motor carrier number
  • Record of duty status
  • Seat belt usage
  • Illness, potentially including COVID-19
  • Fatigue
  • Apparent alcohol or drug possession or impairment
  • Driving habits

If you plan to go out on a delivery during those 72 hours, it is a good idea to be in your best driving condition. The CVSA is working in partnership with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for this event, so failing an inspection can very well render a vehicle to be out of service.


The CSVA has been doing these inspections annually since 1988, six years after the alliance formally formed. Since its inception, the International Roadcheck has led to over 1.6 million inspections across the United States, Mexico, and Canada, with the help of relevant governmental agencies.

As troublesome as all of this may be, CSVA President Sgt. John Samis says he intends for the event to be a net benefit to truckers and society as a whole by making the roads safer. “Announcing the dates of International Roadcheck has always been a deliberate, thoughtful and purposeful decision by the Alliance,” said Sgt. Samis. “By announcing the dates in advance, we hope to remind motor carriers of the importance of proactive vehicle maintenance and remind drivers to be prepared for inspections and to always conduct pre- and post-trip inspections. We want every vehicle and driver inspected during this initiative to pass inspection with no violations.”

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