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Pennsylvania Closes Rest Stops, Including Parking

Coronavirus hysteria continues: first it was just a warning, then it was a run on toilet paper, then it was a national emergency. Now Pennsylvania is closing its rest stops because it lacks the ability to clean them effectively in the wake of the pandemic, Effective March 17th at 12:01 AM. The absurdity of the declaration lies in the restriction of parking.

Pennsylvania Parking

We here at TopMark Funding try to remain impartial and report only the facts on news when it comes to current events. We are making an exception here, this restriction of the use of rest stops simply for the sake of parking is outrageous. We understand the closing down of truck stop facilities such as restrooms and vending machines, but parking requires no maintenance. Truckers are already needed desperately across the nation to deliver goods and equipment to deal with the COVID-19 epidemic, but now when traveling through Pennsylvania, they will have a harder time than normal to find a place to rest.

With the Hours of Service rules mostly being suspended for the time being, this might seem like a non-issue, but like it or not, truckers need to sleep eventually, and driving through the state of Pennsylvania without having rest areas available for parking raises the average fatigue of truck drivers hauling freight. Some truckers may be willing to take the risk of parking on the shoulder of a freeway, but that could prove to be dangerous.


Coronavirus’ true effect on society goes far beyond the symptoms of the infected. With all of these drastic measures various governments are putting into place to stymie the rate of infection, some of them are causing indirect harm. If you are traveling through Pennsylvania during this tumultuous time, we advise heavily that you consider where you plan to get rest breaks before entering the state boundaries, as finding a location is now harder than ever. Additionally, we advise against stopping on the freeway.

Coronavirus is still a looming threat, as we write this fifth article on COVID-19. Truckers get the privilege of mostly being isolated when driving alone or with another team member for hours at a time and only leaving their cabin on rare occasions.

The trucking profession is a low risk for coronavirus, which is especially helpful as they deliver necessary goods across the nation. When traveling, remember to wipe down the truck’s door handle often and to wear gloves at the diesel pump, and the situation should mostly be fine.

Article courtesy of TopMark Funding.

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