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Truckers Gather in Washington D.C. for Annual 10-4 Event

A little over week after the publishing of this article, October 2nd, marked the third annual “That’s a Big 10-4 on Washington D.C.” event. Normally the event lasts multiple days, but because of today’s landscape between the COVID-19 pandemic and social unrest during an election year, the event was compacted into a single day.

The Details

Missed the event because you were not in the area, or for some other reason? Here is a summary of various events that happened during the 10-4 celebration.

Nationwide Representation

Trucking is a very mobile business, so it should not be a surprise to know that truckers originating from the other side of the country were in attendance at the national capital, with people traveling all the way from California for the event (if anyone came from Alaska, please let us know, we would love to hear from you).

Organizing the event was also beyond an east coast affair, with organizer Bryan Hutchens originating from Oklahoma.

70 people attended in total, which is low compared to previous years, but organizers consider it a success for the 2020 climate. In attendance included current FMCSA Acting Administrator Wiley Deck, who filled the role after Jim Mullen left in late August.

Food Drive

Truckers have the means to bring a lot more food donations than an average person can at a food drive, considering that they have their own method of transporting thousands of pounds. One owner-operator put his truck to good use by donating five pallets of riblets! In total, the drive raised 23,500 pounds of food, approximating to about 17,625, enough to feed a single person for sixteen years. A very strong number when you consider the food drive was fewer than 24 hours long.

People’s Choice Award

Every year, the organizers of the 10-4 award a “People’s Choice” award to a particular driver who has been beneficial advocate for the trucking industry as a whole. Not only did Ms. Arline Bennett win this year’s award, they have decided to dedicate the award in her name, changing it from the People’s Choice Award to the Arline Bennett award. She was unable to attend the event personally to obtain the award due to a complications with stage 4 lung cancer.

Grand Finale

When the sun started to set, where there’s enough sunlight that you can still see the trucks but they are required to use lights anyway, the trucks roll out from the National Mall in a convoy, blaring their horns and making a scene to tell lawmakers and the world that truckers are the vital lifeblood that keeps the nation going. It is quite a sight to behold, a sight that the fine folks over at Overdrive Magazine were able to capture.


Overall the event was a success in spite of current national events. When things eventually cooldown and next October rolls around in 2021, chances are the 10-4 will come back for a fourth year, stronger than ever before.

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