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Indiana Adds 225 Truck Parking Spots to Rest Area

Gov. Eric Holcomb and other officials on Oct. 24 opened the new Kankakee Welcome Center, which adds 225 truck parking spots on Interstate 65.

“Indiana lives up to our destination as the Crossroads of America through our top-rated infrastructure and our commitment to getting Hoosiers and visitors to where they need to go,” Holcomb said. “Visitors passing through on I-65 will have a clean, safe and interactive experience.”

Upgraded amenities include separate trucker restroom facilities in the truck parking areas, adult recreation area, walking trail, and interior interactive exhibits for visitors.

Jennifer Piatt, vice president of the Indiana Motor Truck Association, thanked Holcomb and Indiana Department of Transportation officials for their ongoing actions to improve the situation.

“We commend their dedication to improving road safety, supporting the trucking industry and ensuring the efficient movement of goods throughout the state,” Piatt said. “The ongoing truck parking crisis in Indiana is the focus of growing concern within the transportation industry and has garnered the attention of federal and state authorities. The shortage of spaces has far-reaching consequences that threaten the safety and efficiency of our nation’s supply chain, and it requires urgent attention and action.”

INDOT manages and operates 28 rest areas and welcome centers and follows the standard of a rest stop every 100 miles.

INDOT also recognizes the demand for additional truck parking spaces.

The remodel for the Kankakee Welcome Center costs $40 million and is located at mile marker 231 southbound in Jasper County.

This project is part of the $600 million statewide plan to upgrade 21 rest areas and welcome centers by 2034.

Part of the welcome center site renovation is the opposite northbound rest area to offer 75 truck parking spaces and the creation of 150 on the southbound side of the interstate.

The new expanded parking lots are part of INDOT’s plan to boost by 1,122 new truck parking spaces.

The state currently has 1,402 truck parking spaces so the additional 1,122 will increase the state capacity by about 80%.

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